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Top 5 Most Popular Action Games On Mobile

Action Games

Action Games

Are you looking for new ways to play mobile games? Action games are fun, addictive and challenging at the same time. They require quick reactions and dexterity skills. If you want to get into action gaming, here are some free action game apps that you should try out.

Most Popular Action Games On Mobile

PUBG Mobile (Free)

PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest multiplayer battle arena games right now. Players need to fight each other until only 1 is left. You do nothing but knives while trying to survive. Each player starts equally, no two players have an advantage over the other. As time passes, some players will start finding weapons and gear while others will die.

Clash of Clans (Free)

Clash of Clans is an action strategy game where you build your village and lead an army into battle. There are many different troop unit types to choose from and they all play differently. You can upgrade them by collecting gold and elixir. Elixir is what increases the level of your troops after upgrading their abilities. If you train your soldiers well, they will do a great job!

Brawl Stars (Free)

Brawl Stars is a free-to-play 2D fighting game developed by Supercell. In this game, you compete against your friends in local matches or online PvP battles. You use combos, special moves and super attacks to knock your opponent out of the ring. Once you defeat them, you gain experience points that allow you to unlock characters and arenas. Defeat your opponents and become the ultimate fighter.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE is a sandbox video game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Players create their own worlds and create anything they want. Although the original version is not specifically designed for mobile phones, the Pocket Edition works best on Android and iOS devices.

Garena Free Fire (Free)

Garena Free Fire is a popular action game developed by Garena Company. In this game, you need to kill enemies to survive. You use different weapons to attack them including guns, knives, grenades etc. You have different characters that help you complete missions and earn rewards. There are many players who play free fire online games

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