CapCut video Editor App Full Review 2022 All Features Explained

CapCut video Editor

CapCut Video Editor Helps You Edit Videos Quickly. You Can Trim And Merge Clips, Adjust Duration And Volume, And Add Text Subtitles. Capcut Supports More Than 10 Popular Video Formats, Including MP4, MOV, AVI, MTS, MPG, FLV, MKV, WMV, ASF, And WEBM. It’s Free To Try And Fully Functional For 30 Days. After This Period, You Must Purchase A License To Continue Using The Application.

Unlike other video editors, CapCut has a unique focus on simplicity and speed. Unlike most video editors, CapCut does not contain dozens of confusing menus and options. What’s more, CapCut offers all the basic editing features that you would expect from a professional application. In addition, CapCut is compatible with almost every device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Finally, CapCut offers unlimited cloud storage, allowing you to store your videos and photos easily without worrying about running out of space.

Here is Some Useful Features Of Capcut.

  1. Split function
    Just open a video and move the playhead to where you want to split the file, and tap on the split function. You don’t lose any part of the video where you split the file because you can do it frame by frame to see the exact position of the split.

The best way to use the split feature is to have a clear idea of ​​which parts of the video clips you want to use. Then import them into the app by tapping + and adding videos from your gallery or camera roll. Once they’re in, select each one to edit and break it down at the points you’ve already decided on. It’s often best to plan before you do this, otherwise it can be time consuming.


Choose from a variety of filters to smooth or enhance your videos and make them look more professional. There are color-based and weather-based filters, as well as a variety of beautification tools to improve video quality.

Filters can also be used effectively if you have multiple clips with different color variations or different levels of contrast and brightness. Since you can’t edit most of these in CapCut, you can avoid using a desktop editor by choosing the right filters and applying them to all your clips to achieve some uniformity.

Stickers are fun to use because they are so expressive, and CapCut doesn’t skimp on options. You’ll find almost everything you need to dynamically express your video. You can add funny stickers to your TikTok videos. Also, you can use text in videos in a powerful way. Animated text draws attention to specific elements of the video that the viewer might otherwise miss. It can also be used for comic effects, which makes the video more attractive and entertaining.

A valuable tip here is to use stickers sparingly. You don’t want to distract your audience with too many stickers in one scene. Distribute them and use them only if they have the desired effect. If not, you can do without these stickers.


There is also a wide selection of special effects like split screen, retro, comic, dreamy, party, etc. These effects cover your video with new elements that make it look like it’s been professionally edited. Within each of these categories, you’ll find subcategories of effects, meaning you can tailor your effects to exactly that video.

Another great effect you can try is the blending effect, which allows you to overlay one video on top of another so that the subjects blend together in the final output. A good example of the blend effect in use is:

My Opinion

CapCut is versatile, innovative and easy to use. However, I wouldn’t describe it as 100 percent perfect. Overall, it depends on what you need, how CapCut can help you, and what stage you’re at as a video editor.

It is important to note that the CapCut app is completely free to use and the app is secure. So the bottom line is that CapCut is worth a try.

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